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the power of positive partnership

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Hi, I'm Christine!

I'm a CAPPA educated Labour and Postpartum Doula, and Childbirth Educator. I was also an RN at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. I know you were designed to be surrounded by a circle of love and safety as you give birth, and to experience birth as a transformative event. I'm passionate about teaching you how you were designed to birth and parent your new baby. How your birth hormones flow in response to love and safety. I'll teach you how to access your superpowers - you decide how to use them!

I'll help you to learn what is important to you in birth. I'll help you to choose the most loving partners! I'll teach you how to make powerful decisions when you're faced with a choice. It all weaves together into your unique journey, your powerful birth story. Let's talk soon!

With Love,


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Prenatal education that helps you to confidently birth & care for your baby with love, through the power of positive partnerships.

Available as private or group education.

Use the power of love, and your special inner circle of support partners, to labour like you were made to! I'll teach and support you every step of the way.

My labour support includes prenatal education and a postpartum visit.

Loving and skilled postpartum support that helps you to confidently navigate baby care with your mind, body & emotions - because you were made for this!

Flexible availability to suit your evolving needs.


Birthing with Love




Access comprehensive and kind prenatal education that focuses on YOU!

Complete with fun links, partner interaction, contraction and breastfeeding practice, this course is different. You will learn to partner with yourself, your baby, and your support team. Your unique self and the love that surrounds you is central to it all!


Gain confidence and learn what to expect as you navigate the start of your parenting journey. You've got this!

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What people are saying about Christine...

Sheba, 2017

I believe she played a big role in making it possible for me to  deliver naturally after a c-section. ... She made the birthing process easy and memorable.

Kaitlyn, 2020

Christine provided myself and my partner with information, resources, and the emotional and physical support we needed to have the birth we dreamed of having.

Sarah, 2018

I honestly can’t sing enough praises for Christine.


I had an incredible experience, all thanks to her. She’s truly a miracle worker. 



Christine Angrove

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

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Talk soon!

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