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birthing with love

My prenatal education goes beyond the cognitive, and helps you to understand and activate your hormones and superpowers! With the power of love, you’ll enter labour and parenting confident and ready. Available as private or group education.

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Meet Your Doula:

Dates and times flexible,

Private Prenatal Education:: $400 CAD + hst

Group Prenatal Education: $300 CAD + hst

The Birthing With Love Course consists of four classes lasting 2-3 hours each. I'm available Monday-Saturday, afternoons and evenings EST.

And, you can always book a consultation call with me to help you decide if this is the right course for you. I'll never ask you for personal information until you decide we're a good fit.

Hi, I'm Christine, a CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula, Labour Doula, and Childbirth Educator - as well as a former pediatric nurse and mother of four.  

I love the power of prenatal education. We start with lots of great information, which is tailored to your specific needs and interests. You’ll understand how your body is able to birth and care for a baby - it’s fascinating! You’ll discover your own super powers to birth and feed your baby - through the power of love and hormones! You’ll discover how your team of partners creates a loving safe birth environment. And there’s so much more. 

We’ll get interactive - discussing, laughing, and practicing skills hands on. We can practice body positions, breathing skills, how to practice a contraction with your birth partner, how to diaper and feed your baby, and many more. You’ll enter birth and parenting with confidence in your knowledge, skills, and the supportive partnerships you’ve surrounded yourself with. You’ve got this!

With Love,


"The prenatal education Christine provides helped me to feel more confident about breastfeeding, pain management techniques during labour, and newborn care." - Kaitlyn (PHD in education)

birthing with love

with your mind: evidence based information to help you make your best choice at every stage
with your body: harness the power of your body to prepare to labour confidently, and to care for your baby
with your emotions:
 use partner connection & the power of love to dramatically decrease pain & fear

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