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Birthing With Love

a comprehensive and kind online prenatal course

Why is it special? Birthing With Love is a comprehensive and kind online prenatal education course focused on you. Your options, choices, thoughts and feelings in this transformational time. The power of your love is the base of it all.

What am I buying? Over 60 modules with 2-10 minute videos, additional resources and guided contraction practice to prepare your mind, body and emotions for labour. Complete at your own pace and refer back to the videos throughout your pregnancy.

Birthing With Love Preview

what you'll find
in Birthing With Love

The Power of Positive Partnerships

10 videos

You are not alone! You’ve surrounded yourself with powerful partnerships for your birthing and parenting journey! You’ll have what you need at every stage.

Meet Your Baby

  • Meeting Your Baby

  • The Golden Hour

  • Skin to Skin

Babymoon // You

  • Helpful Humans

  • Healing

  • Sleeping and Eating

  • Mental Health

  • Postpartum Health Concerns

The End of Pregnancy

6 videos

​In the last part of pregnancy, your body works hard to get ready! Learn about the superpowers of hormones and love. Learn the difference between practice contractions and early labour, and prepare physically and emotionally, while enjoying the slow pace of the ‘labour nest’!

Preferences and Pivots

  • Preferences

  • Pivots

Babymoon // Baby

  • Wearing and Holding Your Baby

  • Baths

  • Skin Care

  • Your Baby is Human

  • Sleep | The First 3-5 Days

  • How to Swaddle

  • Balancing Feeding, Sleeping, and Holding

  • Older Baby Sleep Tips

  • Baby Health Concerns


  • Early Labour | What It's Like

  • Early Labour | Comfort Measures

  • Active Labour | What It's Like

  • Active Labour | Comfort Measures

  • Transition Labour | What It's Like

  • Transition Labour | Comfort Measures

  • Pushing | What It's Like

  • Pushing | Comfort Measures

  • Birth & the Placenta

  • Sounds of Labour

Interventions and Pain Management

  • Interventions

  • Cesarean Birth

  • Natural Pain Relief

  • Medications

  • Getting an Epidural

Babymoon // Feeding

  • Breastfeeding | Why

  • Breastfeeding | Why Not

  • Breastfeeding | Love and Hormones

  • Breastfeeding | The Learning Curve

  • Feeding | The First 3-5 Days

  • Bottle Feeding The Breastfed Baby

  • Formula | Paced Bottle Feeding

I'm a certified childbirth educator, CAPPA certified Labour and Postpartum Doula. I'm passionate about teaching you how you were designed to birth and parent your new baby. You were designed to be surrounded by a circle of love and safety as you give birth, and to experience birth as a transformative event. Your birth hormones flow in response to love and safety. I'll teach you how to access your superpowers - you decide how to use them!

I'll help you to learn what is important to you in birth. I'll help you to choose the most loving partners! I'll teach you how to make powerful decisions when you're faced with a choice. It all weaves together into your unique journey, your powerful birth story. Let's talk soon!

With Love,


Hi, I'm Christine!

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Get in touch with any questions! I'd love to help you decide if Birthing With Love is the right fit for you.

Birthing With Love does not replace the advice or support of a healthcare provider and is intended for your information only. Always consult with a healthcare provider regarding your pregnancy.

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