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Maximize Birth Hormones for a Powerful Labour

As you look forward to birth, does it feel like a final exam? Like a performance that you have to get right?

I’m going to reassure you that your body knows a lot more than you do.

If you have a uterus full of a baby, your body has powerful birth hormones just waiting to be activated. Hormones that will create an efficient labour, and powerfully bond you to your new baby.

Oxytocin creates powerful, efficient contractions. Contractions which open your cervix and move your baby down to meet you. Endorphins kill pain and help you enter a dreamlike state where time goes by quickly. And catecholamines, your stress hormones, give you the strength to push your baby out.

Other mammal species don't usually have any trouble accessing their birth hormones because they know instinctively what their body needs in order to give birth easily.

So what does your body need?

Birth is linked with love in ways that most people don't realize. Oxytocin is the hormone that causes contractions. It is also called 'the love hormone' because it is released in all humans whenever skin touches skin. Isn't that interesting? And it means that anything that increases human connection, safety, and love, will also increase labour contractions, making them stronger and more efficient.

So your support partner is very important! And those partners don't have to pass an exam to know how to help your hormones. They just need to bring the love. A kind look, a gentle touch, a murmured "I love you" are exactly what will help your labour to progress. There are specific ways I can teach you to labour together with your birth support person to maximize the flow of love and hormones. Check it out here for in person or online prenatal education!

Other things that help hormone flow are dim or natural lighting, privacy, warmth, and not engaging your cognitive brain too much. Feel what your body knows, get dreamy and relaxed. Your birth hormones don't come from your thinking brain. They come from your primitive self, from your body.

When you combine that environment with love, you have the basis for a powerful efficient labour that progresses more quickly.

I'm passionate about teaching you how to accomplish this!

With love,


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