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How to Choose the Ultimate Birth Partner(s)

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Hi! I'm Christine Angrove, and I'm a CAPPA educated Labour Doula and Postpartum Doula. I'm passionate about prenatal education that teaches people how love deeply impacts their labour!

Let's hop right into this very important topic - how to choose the person or people who accompany you while you birth your child.

Tip #1 - Emotional safety impacts hormone flow

Your body achieves the miracle of birth through a cascade of hormones. Your body releases hormones at the right stages to help your labour develop efficiently. But this does not develop in a vacuum! You are a mammal. As a mammal, your birth hormones flow well when you are in a safe place - physically and emotionally. As a mammal, you need to feel cared for and loved to help your body feel safe enough to give birth. Isn't that cool?

Tip #2 - Emotional Safety is first!

When deciding who gets to support you while you give birth, the most important criteria is this: do you feel emotionally safe with this person? If there is only one person who you feel comfortable birthing in front of, only bring that person. You will know who that is! Who do you love? Who loves you deeply, respectfully, without judgement?

"parents can follow their hearts and instincts, as the real experts in their bodies, babies and families." -Dr. Sarah Buckley, birth hormone expert and author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering

Tip #3 - A doula can improve your emotional safety!

As a doula, I help the labouring family to feel safe and supported. I provide prenatal education as part of my labour doula package. This is to develop emotional safety with the family! And all that relaxation turns into an efficient labour. I love to bring the pregnant family together in labour, teaching them how to use their love to help labour progress.

Tip #4 - Give your body what it needs!

Feeling emotionally safe is crucial. Now what else do you need from your birth partner? Hormones flow best in dim lighting, privacy, and when you are touched by a safe loving person. Experiment with touch before the birth. Practice massage with your birth partner. Try some labour positions together. Learn to relax under their touch. Practice deep belly breathing together. Snuggle and share your dreams! These same activities will help during labour. Because they combine love and relaxation.

Tip #5 - Use your voice!

Your voice is important! Sometimes a person who doesn't feel quite safe, who isn't in your innermost circle, will want to attend the birth. If you feel shut down, nervous, or silenced, your birth will be negatively impacted. So if you're able, use your voice to choose only the closest, safest, most loving people to be your birth support partners.

The Heart of Labour

Your body goes into labour, builds labour, and births your baby with a cascade of hormones. These hormones develop in a safe and loving environment! So the loving person or people that you invite into your labour help your body to give birth, Let me teach you more about your power in labour. I teach prenatal education on line and in person. I also have a book and e-course coming soon, I'd love to help you and your partner to achieve a powerful loving birth!

With Love,

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