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Your First Birth Partner is You!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

From the moment you stared at the plus sign on the pregnancy test stick, you've been processing. And to be honest, although it's exciting, pregnancy feels overwhelming sometimes.

Have you stopped to ask yourself how you're feeling?

Are you feeling nervous? Afraid? Elated? Unsure?

Stop a moment.

Feel the feelings.

You. Are. Not. Alone,

The next few blogs are going to help you to think about your partners on this journey. Because you are not alone!

And the first and most important partner you will ever have is you.

What kind of partner are you? Think about your strengths. Go on, name a few. I'll wait right here. :)

Maybe you're loyal, kind, funny, creative, a good friend, loving. Think about how your best friend would describe you. Now, you get to turn those qualities inward. Be your own best friend! When you catch yourself in negative self talk, try to turn it to a positive. For example, I used to say, "I forgot" a lot. But lately, I've been working on saying, "I remembered!" Because that is the truth and it's a lot kinder and more encouraging to me. If we treat ourselves with love and compassion, it's easier to extend that to others.

You do not need to do everything yourself. You don't need to do it perfectly! You're going to find out what you need to know. You're going to seek caring partners at each step of the way. If you don't know, someone will help you learn. If you need help, you'll find helpers. There are so many supports available to you, and you get to choose, You're going to gain skill and confidence as you go along! You're going to learn how to give birth and parent in the way that feels right to you - that connects to your heart.

Are you beginning to see how awesome you are?

I believe in've got this! I have lots of information and practical skills to help you to be confident in your journey to parenthood. I'd love to be one of your partners on that journey! Join me for prenatal education that empowers you and your support partners.

With Love,


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