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Your Baby is Your Partner Too!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Babies are amazing. They are so much more aware than we can see. Wait until you look into your newborn's eyes for the first time! There you will see a wise, aware little human looking back at you. It is truly awe-inspiring.

Babies partner with us in many ways, through pregnancy, birth, and early days. You and your baby are a team and baby has an important role to play!

In pregnancy, your baby grows and learns rapidly. You can connect with your little one before they are born. Hold your belly. Sing and talk to baby. Later in pregnancy, and after the birth, babies remember your voice, and the songs you sing! Listen, and see if you feel baby sending anything back to you! Penny Simkin, one of the original doulas, has a video called Singing to the Baby, which beautifully illustrates how baby connects with you before birth.

During labour and birth, baby doesn't just sit there while you do the work! Your baby wiggles down and twists and turns to find the easiest way through. You help your baby by keeping your pelvis open, and by moving. Your partnership is what makes birth possible.

After the birth, you and your baby develop your partnership as you care for your baby. Your baby explains what they need through hunger cues and crying. You and your baby work together to gain skills in feeding, burping, and sleeping. Listen to and trust your baby's communication! A baby knows what a baby needs. When you and your baby partner together, the baby's needs are met, and so are yours. (Eventually! There's a learning curve at the beginning!) You both gain skill and baby gains weight, and soon you'll both gain sleep.

Parents and their children share a very special lifelong bond. You'll be partnering with your child for a very long time!

I'd love to partner with you as you learn to partner with your baby... I've got so much to teach you about your new baby's abilities. I can help you to gain the skills you need! Join me for eye-opening on-line prenatal education that teaches you amazing skills to help you and your new baby to partner together. I can't wait to help you both!

With Love,


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